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Underscore InOut Grin

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Product Details

Linear lighting equipment with monochrome (2500K4500K), RGB or Tunable white LEDs.
Design: Pio e Tito Toso.

The product comprises an InOut Top Bend 16 or Underscore Top Bend 16 or Underscore Top Bend 16 - Dive 504 mm and 1004 mm to be ordered separately.

Notes on Composition - Order cap kit for IP68 connectors and cable with connector for connection to the module when using Underscore InOut Top Bend 16.
- The power cable does not have connectors if Underscore InOut Top Bend 16 - Dive is used.
- Refer to the instruction sheet for how to mount Underscore InOut on the top bend.

Colours available for Underscore InOut Grin

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black
  • 15 Grey
  • F5 Rust brown

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