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Superrail Infinity System


Infinity System

This is not a track, it is a Superrail. A miniaturised technological structure for creating an infinite number of innovative solutions and applications that enhance the value not only of light, but also of space, design and people.

Infinite combinations.
Superrail is a system designed to create endless solutions.

For every ceiling

Recessed, minimal and frame, surface and pendant-mounted installations.

Light above and below

Dual electrification, in both the upper and lower part.

Light solutions

Low voltage, recessed and pendant luminaires and spotlights.

Smart solutions

BeCon device for activating smart services.

Continuously modular

Endless, with no join effects.


A unique combination: Superrail can simultaneously mount a Robin in its upper part and a led module in its lower part to create a continuous light effect with no interruptions.

Discover Robin

Endless solutions.
Ideal for retail, hospitality&living, museum environments and working.

Beyond light

Smart ready products can also be mounted on Superrail as well as smart accessories like BeCon that activates smart services via Bluetooth and sends digital information to smartphones, like proximity marketing services (push notifications), indoor navigation details and occupancy/space management data.
Beyond lightBeyond light

Simplicity, speed and safety.

The products can be installed tool-free and fixed with a mechanical coupling that ensures a reliable, long-lasting grip.
Simplicity, speed and safety.Simplicity, speed and safety.

Create the infinite.
You can create whatever system you like by combining different solutions in a subtle and infinite line with no interruptions.

Superrail Tracks

Up / Down Light
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm
Ceiling and pendant
Down Light
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 49 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 49 mm
Frame Downlight
Down Light
Minimal downlight
Down Light


Robin ø 37 mm
Robin ø 51 mm
Robin ø 62 mm
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm
300 / 600 / 1200 mm

Superrail Spotlight

ø 37 / 51 / 62 mm
View Low Voltage
ø 126 mm
(with adaptor)
Palco Low Voltage
ø 19 / 37 / 51 / 62 / 86 mm
(with adaptor)
Palco Low Voltage
ø 51 / 86 mm
​(with adaptor)
Palco Low Voltage
Wall Washer
ø 62 / 86 mm
(with adaptor)
Palco Low Voltage
ø 19 mm
(with adaptor)
Laser Blade XS 
Low Voltage
1x, 2x / 26x26 mm
(with adaptor)

Superrail Pendants

Laser pendant
ø 59 / 75 mm
Laser Blade XS
1 / 4 / 9 LED
h 300 / 600 mm

Superrail Downlight

Superrail Space
920 / 1380 /  1830 mm
Led Stick
310 / 610 / 1210 mm
Laser Blade XS
Hight Contrast
89 / 179 mm
Laser Blade XS
Wall Washer LGC
Longitudinal Glare Control
89 / 179 mm
Laser Blade XS
General Lighting Pro
89 / 179 mm

Superrail Smart Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy
2.4 GHz - L = 94 mm