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The Simanas Stanẽvičius courtyard at Vilnius University

From its foundation in 1579, right up to the present day, the complex of buildings housing Vilnius University has continually expanded, so the style of its structures and the way they are used has changed.   
In 2020, work began on the restoration and renovation of the courtyard in the University, dedicated to Simanas Stanevicius, the Lithuanian writer and orator. 
The Korgas team developed the lighting system for the courtyard, which included identifying technological solutions and working in agreement with the Lithuanian Institute of Design and Restoration, as the area is of historical importance. 

The courtyard dates back to the 16th century and the lamps installed highlight the points where the original window frames were located. During the day, the frames of the old windows are outlined by brick decorations and, at night, the frames are highlighted by iGuzzini Palco InOut Framers, while the exposed brick wall is illuminated by Light Up Earth recessed luminaires.   

The main entrance arch has also been enhanced by the lighting system. The prevailing semi-darkness has been replaced by the grazing light of recessed Linealuce luminaires fitted with wall grazing optics that attract the attention of passers-by beyond the gate. The courtyard is open to the public, so everyone can see how the restoration work and new lighting have revitalised the architecture. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Vilnius University
  • Architectural project:
    Institute of Design and Restoration - Rūta Irena Klimavičienė,
    in collaboration with Rasa Rožanskienė, Project Manager at the University of Vilnius Resources and Services Management Centre
  • Lighting project:
  • Photographer
    Andrius Laucius