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The Schiess Wohntextil store

The headquarters of Schiess Wohntextilien, the largest interior design group in Switzerland, are located in a 1500 m2 complex in Erlen. Spread over two floors, it includes a rich exhibition of carpets, floor tiles and a range of domestic fabrics and accessories. 
One of the main challenges faced by the architect Huber was to organise paths inside the spaces to guide customers in the clearest and most effective way through a world of colours, shapes and materials. For this reason, the area is structured and divided into specific zones and minimalist exhibition furnishings have been specifically produced with inclined surfaces to offer customers a distinct, complete and comfortable view of the product range. 
Lighting clearly plays a fundamental role when a visitor makes a choice or assesses colours and materials. During the day, the large windows allow natural light to enter, and this is integrated by luminaires that in some cases are decorative and in others, minimalist and recessed. 
The upper floor, dedicated to fabrics and curtains, has a circular central area with a dark wood ceiling featuring Blade R recessed luminaires with black covers for general lighting; some of which are fitted with an emergency light. The same Blade R luminaire has been used in the remaining areas that have a white false ceiling, in this case with a white cover that creates a formal and extremely clean-cut style for the ceiling. The complex also features the interesting solution of inserting a line of Underscore inOut light in the circular structure on which the curtain samples are mounted. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Schiess Wohntextil
  • Architectural project:
    Daniel Huber Architektur & Design
  • Lighting project:
    Daniel Huber Architektur & Design
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini