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The Paseo and the Pereda Gardens

Situated in a picturesque position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Santander is a small, seaside town on the north coast of Spain that is currently witnessing a tourist boom. Following the construction of the Botín Centre, the city’s new cultural and creative arts complex, a decision was made to re-design the gardens, and the project was entrusted to the Renzo Piano Building Workshop architectural studio and the Fernando Caruncho & Asociados Estudio landscape design agency.

Without doubt, this city has a lot to offer visitors. In addition to its splendid beaches, its streets are packed with churches, ancient and modern buildings, and numerous green areas and public gardens, including the park named after the Spanish novelist, José Maria de Pereda.
From the Pereda Gardens, visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the bay while walking along the Paseo de Pereda, Santander’s most popular and emblematic promenade.The end result has succeeded in doubling the park’s surface to reach 48,000 square metres, while maintaining its historic essence, monuments and trees, and also taking it into the future as the central element joining the Botín Centre to the rest of the town.

The decision to build a vehicular underpass has also helped increase the park’s surface and provided a direct connection between the city centre, the bay and the arts complex.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Ayuntamiento de Santander
  • Design
    Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Architectural project:
    Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Caruncho Estudio
  • Lighting design:
  • Project management:
  • General contractor:
  • Engineering and Electrical design:
    Estudio Dynamis
  • Landscape architect:
    Fernando Caruncho & Asociados
  • Photos:
    Luz y Arquitectura. Gala Martínez
  • Photographer
    Luz y Arquitectura - Gala Martínez