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The Mariinsky Palace

The Mariinsky Palace was the last Neoclassical imperial palace to be constructed in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was designed by the court architect Andrei Stackensneider and built between 1839 and 1844. Consisting of a central block and two side wings, the palace has an elaborately rusticated, reddish-brown facade and is decorated with French baroque features and Corinthian columns arranged in a traditional Neoclassical fashion. The palace was originally an imperial residence, but has since been used for various purposes. After the October Revolution, for example, it housed various Soviet ministries and academies. Then, during the Second World War, it served as a hospital and was subjected to intensive bombing. When the war ended, the palace became the residence of the Leningrad Soviet, and in 1994 it became home to the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Lighting designer Viktor Tsvetkov's design divides the facade into different areas in order to accentuate and enhance its different characteristics. Installed between the first and second floor, a series of Platea floodlights downwash the facade, creating a uniform effect on this first strip of the building uniformity and also helping to illumination the pedestrian area in front of the palace. On the second floor, in the centre of the building, on the other hand, the Platea floodlights are used to emphasize the columns and windows. The top cornice is lit evenly along the entire length of the building by Linealuce luminaires, whereas the details, like the central decorations are highlighted by Radius spotlights. With the specific aim of accentuating the difference in depth between the central part of the building and the wings, the lighting for the side wings offers a much greater degree of homogeneity and intensity.

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  • Year
  • Client
    GUP LENSVET (Company: St Petersburg City Lighting enterprise)
  • Lighting project:
    SPDG/ Candela group
  • Lighting designer:
    Viktor Tsvetkov
  • Lighting engineer:
    Konstantin Dunin
  • Photographer
    Ivan Smelov