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Sandals Luxury Resorts

The Sandals Resorts International brand is an undisputed leader in the Caribbean vacation sector. The group's success began in the 1980s when its founder, Gordon "Butch" Stewart, created an innovative formula of “all- inclusive” super luxury holidays that include everything from sophisticated restaurants and exclusive label drinks to tips, airport shuttle services, taxes, land and sea sports, Jacuzzis and satellite TV. To help communicate the prestigious experience of a Sandals holiday to people who now mainly book online, a special Sandals centre has recently been opened in London. This centre introduces visitors to the joys of a Sandals holiday through a series of interactive experiences.

Designed by Wanda Creative in collaboration with the ODB Group this space boasts highly sophisticated, integrated lighting and audio-visual systems as well as designer wood fittings and specifically commissioned furniture. The idea behind the ODB Group project is to recreate in London the top class level of global quality that customers can enjoy on a Sandals holiday. So there are cocktail bars, typical "randoval" (conical) roofs, and the same furnishings and fittings used in the real Sandals resorts. This warm and welcoming atmosphere is created using extremely advanced technology that guarantees high levels of energy efficiency. Heat recovery air conditioning has been installed and the strictly LED lighting system is controlled using panels that allow different light moods to be created.

Just one example of this are the Underscore luminaires mounted on the randoval roof ceilings, which emit dynamic, coloured light effects that enhance the picturesque appeal of the scenario. The first step in this experience for would-be Sandals holidaymakers is a virtual Caribbean tour on an LCD touchscreen. This area has been lit with Reflex, Laser Blade L and IN60 recessed luminaires, all of which are extremely discreet devices, as the aim was to create an exclusive, relaxed atmosphere by highlighting only the features that are typical of a Caribbean vacation. This is why the most striking elements in the lighting scheme are linked to colour, like the randoval-style roofs, the coloured lines that outline certain walls and the circular openings in some of the transit areas that evoke tropical Caribbean atmospheres with their warm golden light.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Sandals Luxury Resorts
  • Architectural project:
    Wanda Creative
  • Lighting project:
    Wanda Creative
  • Structural engineering:
    ODB Group
  • Interior design:
    Wanda Creative
  • Photographer
    Robert Greshoff