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Marsan media library

The media library is close to the centre of Mont de Marsan, in the Bosquet barracks area, where it fits in perfectly thanks to the pure geometric lines of the new building. However, its corner opening tones down its severity. This opening begins a rotating movement and creates a pull starting from Avenue du Maréchal Foch. One of the strong points of the design is also the quality of the public space created, since the area around the building is freely accessible. The media library facades differ only in their orientation: there isn’t a single main facade. Instead there are four. Jacques Sebbag of the firm Archi5 designed the artificial lighting based on the architecture and the atmosphere of the various spaces formed by the furniture and natural light. The basic idea is that of gradually passing from a type of lighting with a lot of natural light, to softer, more intimate lighting, of the kind you find in a home, at the consultation tables, and on to practical lighting for choosing books in the shelving area. The media library is completely glazed, so the main aim was to create a balance with the constant presence of natural light. When evening comes, the media library becomes an “urban lantern”, lighting up the surrounding greenery, pathways and reading areas. That means that it also contributes to the quality of the public area.

Pencil bollards and glass Ledplus groundrecessed luminaires light the zone around the media library, whilst the inside of the double skin is enhanced by MaxiWoody floodlights with metal halide lamps. Inside, around a hundred iSign luminaires are graphically arranged on the ceiling and some Tray pendant luminaires alternate above the reading and working areas. As well as its cultural mission, the Media library is a place for relaxation, information, social integration, educational support and document preservation. Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, film showings are held all year round, making it an essential place for city life.  

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  • Year
  • Client
    Communauté d’Agglomération Le Marsan
  • Architectural project:
    Archi 5
  • Photographer
    Didier Boy de la Tour

Project Quote

"Socially significant places grow when something new gets planned, this is also what drives the ambitions and expectations that have to be met by architecture to grow as well."

Anne Pezzoni, partner Archi5 (intervista da

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