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La Porta del Parco Auditorium

The design for La Porta del Parco (Park Entrance), an Integrated Tourism Services Complex, the first work to transform the former industrial area of the Ilva di Bagnoli steelworks, began with an ambitious and clear objective: to create a new piece of city as an entrance to the large Bagnoli Futura coastal park.

La Porta del Parco was conceived as a large, open public space on several levels and without interruptions between the interior and the exterior of the complex, having big angled surfaces allowing the height difference of more than 8 metres between city level (Via Nuova Bagnoli) and the level of the future city park to be gradually overcome.

The continuity is also underlined by the use of dark grey ceramic material to cover the horizontal surfaces of this area, a reminder of the volcanic rock in public areas in Naples. The Integrated Tourism Services Complex (total surface area more than 40,000 square metres, with around 16,500 square metres of basement level parking) is divided with an interesting functional mixture of different activities: in addition to two large public squares, it houses a wellness centre with Spa, swimming pool and fitness centre totalling around 7,000 square metres, a 300-seat conference room, a 1,100 square metre exhibition area, a series of multi-functional indoor and outdoor spaces, shops, bars, offices, 600 parking spaces. The auditorium and the entrance dome of the wellness centre, two glass and steel "skylights", are the only things to emerge in the urban landscape with large angled surfaces, both lit by iGuzzini.

The auditorium of La Porta del Parco - a true urban facade for the Complex on Via Nuova Bagnoli – is compact and organic, completely transparent, covered with a skin of low-emission glass “scales”.
In this building the idea of transparency linked to the use of materials such as glass and steel was combined with excellent acoustics thanks to the specific studies done and to solutions which provide functional responses for both acoustics and lighting. A series of melamine sound-absorbing tubes placed along the vertical walls of the hall, at different heights between the vertical structural girders at the metal crosspieces for the glass scales, guaranteed excellent acoustics in the space surrounded by glass, while maintaining maximum transparency towards the outside. In this way, during the day the auditorium reflects the surrounding environment, and during the night it becomes a beacon of light, always guaranteeing the best possible acoustics.

In the hall of the Auditorium iTeka spotlights are applied to the arches for general lighting. The 150W luminaire with asymmetric emission is fitted in pairs, the light directed downwards and upwards so that the uplighting gives soft, diffuse lighting that adds to the direct downlighting. In the foyer, visitors are welcomed with Tecnica spotlights using 50W lamps, and large version recessed Pixel Plus luminaires with lamps having various power ratings.

The design of the new multi-functional structure of the Porta del Parco complex also complies with energy saving and high environmental quality requirements: alternative energy sources are positioned on two large angled facades to the south and south-west of the continuous surfaces. Monocrystalline photovoltaic panels guarantee self-sufficient production of more than 20% of the complex's daily electricity requirements, corresponding to around 256,000 kWh/year. The design also allows for water recovery from spa sources, to be used partly in the SPA centre treatment pools. The glazing of the two "skylights" is solar-control and reflective. Even the Spa dome is lit with iGuzzini luminaires: Platea, Tecnica and Ledplus. The recessed luminaires lighting the square are not made by iGuzzini.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Bagnoli Futura Spa
  • Design
    Arch. Silvio d’Ascia with Servizi Integrati and IDI
  • Lighting project:
    Silvio d’Ascia and Servizi Integrati
  • Final design and works: Sled SpA - Misha Rae Works supervision: Servizi Integrati S.r.l. - Nicola Salzano de Luna, I.D.I. S.r.l. - Paolo Minucci Bencivenga
  • Photographer
    Barbara Iodice