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Jesolo Lido Design District. Summer Houses

The Summer Houses are the last stage in the Meier Partners’ master planning project for the Jesolo Lido Design District. Like the neighbouring Jesolo Village and Jesolo Condominium, Meier Partners’ clear and essential architectural language is evident in the Summer Houses too. In fact, there is an emphasis on transparency, wide open spaces, sensitivity to the rhythms of natural light and elementary but sumptuous materials. 

The Summer Houses are divided into two buildings, The Tower and The Gallery, both of which are located in a complex that runs for seventy metres opposite the beach with a view over the Adriatic Sea. The ten-floor Tower acts as a visual reference point from the main road, whereas the seven-floor Gallery runs along the longitudinal axis of the property to maximise the view over the beach. The ground floor of The Tower hosts a vast range of facilities, including a gym, spa and swimming pool.

The room-height windows and spacious terraces enhance the natural beauty of the context, especially the light and panoramic view over the sea. So, during the day, natural light plays the leading role amongst the volumes and empty spaces. Inside and outside the apartments, the interplay between light and the harmonious contours of the building creates constantly new and iridescent atmospheres at all times of the day and year. 

In the evening, the same effect is created thanks to the masterly design of Rossi Bianchi lighting design who have chosen luminaires that blend into the architecture. So, there is light, but you can’t see where it comes from. The studio chose the minimal version of the iconic recessed Laser Blade in its smallest XS size to achieve this. To vertically illuminate the walls on which significantly textured artworks are hung, a Wall Washer optic is used. In the bathrooms and conversation zone, a medium optic has been fitted and, above the sofas, the luminaires are grouped together in the false ceilings. The interplay of light with the volumes is reproduced in the evening by Underscore luminaires positioned in grooves in the false ceilings. On the walls, on the other hand, light lines have been installed vertically, sometimes hidden and sometimes exposed, almost as if to create hubs in space, like in the vast living area where there are no partitions.  


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  • Year
  • Client
    Stella del Mar srl
    RIV srl
  • Architectural project:
    Meier Partners Architects
  • Lighting project:
    Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design
  • Photographer
    Alessandra Chemollo

Project Quote

"The rigorous, Cartesian architecture of Meier Partners interacts with natural light by generating a continuous variation of sculptural shadows and white surfaces that are revealed in sequence. When the sun drops below the Adriatic horizon, the building’s lighting suggests a different narrative of space and form that is more intimate and domestic."

Guido Bianchi, Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design

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