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Illuminating the main square of Vilnius

Lukiškės Square is the largest square in Vilnius, which in 2018 underwent some general redevelopment work entrusted to Gintaras Čaikauskas who arranged the paths and walkways to resemble a "Tree of life", a tree that becomes clear when looking at the square from above. Thought was also given to increasing the green area by planting 200 new trees and overall, the square is now more accessible to the city's residents and visitors, with considerable efforts having been made to encourage alternative means of transport like cycling.

The square is surrounded by public buildings including the Finance Ministry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Court of Appeal, the Music Academy and Theatre, the Church of St. James and Philip, with the main street, Gediminas Avenue, running along the southern edge of the square.

The square's illumination was designed precisely in relationship to this street. Korgas' project devised a constant, even lighting for the main square and children's play areas, while the main routes have a "beating" rhythm defined by the use of shadows. Accent lighting was also used to indicate the main routes and key areas within the square which had to be comfortable and welcoming. So, a warm temperature was chosen to create a greater sense of intimacy. The work was assessed in the surrounding context; a balance had to be created between this area and the Prospettiva Gediminias which is very well lit. The idea was to avoid the square fading into the background while equally avoiding a competition with the main street in Vilnius. The aim was to achieve a welcoming, everyday atmosphere with the possibility of increased lighting for festivals or on special occasions. Average lighting is 20-30 lux. In order to achieve general lighting along the main pathways, pole mounted UFO luminaires with comfort optics were used, while the central pathways were also lit by iWay bollards with 360° optics. The selected optics and lighting strength meant just a few luminaires needed to be used and, as a result, this reduced installation and maintenance costs.

The lighting now creates a balance in the different areas of the old town.

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  • Year
  • Client
    City of Vilnius
  • Architectural project:
    Gintaras Čaikauskas, Linas Naujokaitis, Kęstutis Akelaitis, Virginija Venckūnienė, Alicija Grigūnienė, Vytenis Raugala, Faustas Lasys
  • Lighting project:
  • Photographer
    Andrius Laucius
    Norbert Tukaj