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Hotel Garonda

At the gleaming five star Hotel Garonda in Playa de Palma, Giuseppe Violante has just finished conducting a  modern melody entitled “refurbishment” in which “the sails of change and renovation” were blown by the  structure's owner, MAC HOTELS and the ZANOBIA Arquitectura architectural studio.  The architecture of the complex deliberately uses the island's natural resources to give quality and warmth to  its various spaces while respecting and enhancing the original structure with highly efficient LED systems.   The most significant change that has been made to this refurbished modern structure is its entrance that now  passes through the hotel garden. So now, when guests approach the hotel using the new access path they  find themselves in a harmonious space where the sculptural design of the pergolas, delicately lit by ground-  recessed LED Linealuce luminaires blends elegantly with the island's trees and shrubs, which are lit at night  by a shimmering veil of light created by LED Woody devices. The context is completed by the elegant sculpture ALBERO (or Tree) that includes twenty-one branches, each of which emits a refined downlight.  

Hotel employees have noticed that when birds choose to perch on one of its branches, instead of the many other palm and olive trees in the garden, they really think it is a tree. The terraces on the main facade are enhanced by Trick luminaires that blend into the architecture perfectly and, thanks to their radial effect, act as a kind of micro-sun, illuminating the surface with a soft and homogeneous light that offers excellent visual  comfort. On one side of the facade, a new structure has been built that houses a swimming pool and spa. With its  huge terraces, this airy construction acts as a spectacular grandstand from which to enjoy the sun slowly  setting behind the splendours of the Bellver castle and the Baia di Palma cathedral. This dramatic spectacle  is further enhanced by the magic of Trick luminaires that paint a continuous golden line along the edges of  the terraces. This attractive effect frames the beach and the bay from the inside while creating an attractive  beehive-effect from the outside. The hall also combines architecture, design and light beautifully.

The walls are a calling card for the island's  natural beauty thanks to two huge photographic murals that feature a continuously lit horizon thanks to Underscore luminaires. The first is located behind the reception desk and stands out for its eye-catching  design and use of recycled wood, whereas the second runs from the reception to the bar. Having enjoyed looking at this modern “melody of refurbishment”, the words of the architect, Giuseppe Violante cannot help but ring in your head, like a distant litany: “Change and renovation are the laws of life.” 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Hotelera Insular SL
  • Architectural project:
    ZANOBIA Arquitectura: Giuseppe Violante and his team
  • Lighting project:
    ZANOBIA Arquitectura
  • Photographer
    Martinez Gala