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The space designed by the I M P L M N T Architects studio for the D9 company is a unique space that includes an art gallery and offices: two areas that intertwine and complement each other.

The building in which the D9 headquarters is located has a long history. Between 1910 and 1920 the well-known doctor and politician Andrius Domaševičius lived, founded and ran a private clinic here. Later (between 1920 and 1927) Jonas Basanavičius, the first editor of the Lithuanian newspaper "Aušra" and one of the signatories of the Act of Independence of Lithuania lived in the house. Today it is owned by the Braitin investment company.

The building is divided into two sections: the new part (1,637 sqm), which has undergone ordinary maintenance, and the old part (677 sqm), where more major work has been carried out, like the restoration of the walls and floors.

To preserve the character of the older part of the building, fragments of frescoes have been preserved on both the walls and ceilings.

The lighting plays a truly unifying role for all the interiors. Recessed Laser Blades have been chosen to create an "invisible light” effect. These recessed luminaires that have a minimum visual impact and create no glare, provide excellent general lighting, and have been installed in environments with different uses, from meeting rooms to relaxation areas.

The new part of the building features an imposing atrium-gallery where numerous pictorial and sculptural artworks are displayed. These are illuminated by Palco projectors, placed on the balcony of each floor that combine general and accent lighting through the use of flood and spot optics. 

The offices and workspaces are illuminated by pendant lamps above the desks and a Superrail Low Voltage system in which Laser Blade XS Wall Washers have been integrated to highlight the walls on which the artworks are exhibited.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Lewben Art Foundation
  • Architectural project:
    I M P L M N T Architects – Aurimas Syrusas, Greta Brimė
  • Lighting project:
  • Photographer
    Andrius Laucius