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Como The Treasury Building

The State Buildings, situated in the centre of Perth, are three interconnected heritage buildings bordered by St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street. Despite their strategic position, for about twenty years these buildings were left forgotten and neglected. A recent refurbishment project, however, has restored them to their former glory and put them back at the centre of the city's social life.

Today, this renovated complex is a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new, thanks to the architect, Kerry Hill, who has created a contemporary space that pays tribute to the heritage of the past. Many of the eucalyptus wood floors have been recovered from the original buildings as well as the concrete on the stairs. So when you enter, you are walking on 140 years of history.

This sense of balance is also present in the interior and exterior lighting systems that both feature iGuzzini luminaires. iGuzzini devices have been used to highlight the facades of the historical buildings, as well as the new, adjacent glass structure that houses the Mayflower restaurant. 

The lighting for the exteriors is discreet, but still important. Only a limited number of luminaires have been installed, but they have been chosen with the utmost care. To be more precise, iPro Mini and Micro luminaires illuminate the columns and gables without cluttering up the architectural features of the historical facades. These devices expertly incorporate the ambient light created by the street lamps in St. Georges Terrace. To ensure that the street looks exactly the way it used to, these lamps have been lovingly restored on the basis of vintage photographic evidence. In this interplay between old and new, then, light plays an important role to absolute perfection.

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  • Year
  • Client
    FJM Property
  • Architectural project:
    Kerry Hill Architects
  • Lighting project:
    DJ Coalition with Best Consultants
  • Heritage Architect:
    Palassis Architects
  • Construction:
  • Photographer
    Ron Tan

Project Quote

"Light is the life of space. We use light to create perceptions and mould space"

DJ Coalition with Best Consultants

Products Used: