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Belfius Art Gallery

The Belfius collection is one of the most important collections of Belgian art in the country. It features around 4,500 artworks, including some later masterpieces by Rubens. The collection is actually the result of a combination of collections from various Belgian banks that originally came together to stop Belgian masterpieces disappearing from the country and now seek to promote contemporary Belgian art too. The current collection, owned by the Belfius Bank, covers no less than five centuries of history with a particular focus on works from 1830 onwards and especially 1960 onwards.

In 2015 a new Belfius gallery was opened on the thirty-second floor of the Belfius tower in Brussels, which even if private, is still open to the public.

The interior spaces designed by Jaspers – Eyers - Architects, feature a series of rounded white shapes generated by the gallery's undulating walls, in which each work seems to be displayed on its own. The luminaires for the lighting system, designed by the architects and curator Patricia Jaspers, have been provided by iGuzzini.

Underscore light lines have been installed in the curved false ceilings to create subtle general lighting, and to illuminate the individual artworks various types of luminaire have been used. These include the Laser Blade System 53, a highly discreet recessed “frameless” modular system with adjustable spotlights, and Palco Framer spotlights installed on standard tracks. Palco Framer luminaires are ideal for exhibition spaces as, thanks to their internal metal flaps the light beam they emit can be shaped with millimetric precision. In places where tracks could not be fitted, removable and adjustable Tecnica Pro recessed luminaires have been installed. The gallery has been divided into various areas, each of which features different moods generated by two or three light scenarios commanded by a DMX control system programmed by iGuzzini. iGuzzini has also created a special graphic interface that allows the various light scenarios and individual luminaires to be controlled instinctively in order to ensure that the artworks in both the permanent and temporary exhibitions are always lit in the best possible way.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Belfius Bank & Insurance
  • Architectural project:
    Jaspers-Eyers Architects
  • Photographer
    Jean-Michel Byl