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Motus Pictogram

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Signalling of escape routes with pictogram and LED source.
  • Ceiling/wall/vertical flag on wall installation without accessories. Polycarbonate component support structure with a white finish.
  • Two-sided transparent luminous screen to which 1 or 2 pictograms can be applied. Kit of pictograms supplied.
  • Models for 26 m sign visibility distance (compliance with EN 1838 and ISO 7010). Models for 32 m sign visibility distance for large spaces.
  • Permanent (SA) or non-permanent (SE) operation: cinema/theater mode with brightness reduction to 50%. 3h emergency autonomy (24h recharge, 12h for 2h autonomy).
  • Latest generation LiFePO4 (Lithium- Iron-Phosphate) battery ensuring more stable performance over time and better environmental compatibility (nickel and cadmium free). Self-test.
  • Multi-colour LED indicator signalling correct operation or any faults. Local test by acting on a button outside the body.
  • Local test of lamp function using a standard laser pointer to perform the operation from the ground.
  • An accessory kit with additional pictograms for special messages is available.
  • Accessories available on request control unit for luminaires with centralised testing and signalling. Inhibition function.

LiFePO4 battery
& Dip-switch

lifepo4.jpg on12.jpg

High reliability
LiFePO4 battery.

Dip-switch for permanent
/ non-permanent operation.
Power selection: 100%-50%.

Colours available for Motus Pictogram

  • 01 White

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