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Libera goes far beyond the concept of linear light thanks to compositional freedom enabling personalised interpretations. Ideal for any application setting, Libera integrates miniaturised optics with intelligent technologies, elegant details and exclusive materials.

Libera was inspired by conceptual and holistic considerations for light design. The body and soul of the Libera system achieve an unusual release from the idea of formal identity, giving rise to interpretative possibilities that first and foremost mean freedom.

Design Artec Studio

Libera can be freely applied in any context, from the home to hospitality, retail settings and offices.

Libera adapts to space, free from any installation constraints.
The joint can rotate by 360° in the three planes, allowing Libera to adapt to any context or space. A single driver can create a 15m Libera.

Libera interplays with its installation setting and dialogues with its users.

The brass joint itself is a design story, highlighting the formal and functional transitions: a bright and golden ball joint that renders transparent the energy path and the changes of direction of the lighting outlines.

What makes Libera so unique is the extraordinary quality of its light and its adaptability to every need.

Excellent perception of space, high visual comfort and high lighting efficiency.
Libera integrates Opti Diamond, the very high performance miniaturised optical technology – measuring only 15 mm – which is ideal even in the workplace.

* versions L=1800 4000K CRI9

And that's not all: an optic with an opal diffuser is also available, including up/down, in two colours to perform functional tasks when on, and an aesthetic role when off.

Black opal diffuser
Opti diamond – Transparent black

White opal diffuser
Opti diamond – Transparent white

Luminous profile or hidden profile to transform the optics into a decorative and functional element and change the perception of space.

Hidden profile
Opti Diamond (High Output) and opal diffuser.
Lighting profile
Opti Diamond (Low Output UGR <19 / High Output) and opal diffuser.

Even direct/indirect light

Harmonised combinations and finishes to build your own Libera system, free to express your personality in every setting.

The whole is much more than the sum of its parts: each element is designed to co-exist and compose the exclusivity of a precious, elegant and harmonious object.


Brass is a precious, sustainable material that reflects light while giving it a different, almost magical role. It creates narrative interplay that adds a more material character, transforming its colours and appearance with the layers of passing time.

Intelligent and easy-to-manage light using bluetooth technology

Smart technologies transform technology into well-being and sustainability by achieving energy savings of 56%.

App Quick

The integrated sensors and BLE-Dali interface ensure variable, adaptable lighting easily controlled with a Bluetooth device and voice commands.
Smart light is a light that adapts to provide the best possible solution.

Libera is smart and intelligence generates freedom

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L= 1800 / 1400 mm

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L= 1800

L= 1800 / 2700

We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle through innovations involving energy efficiency, durability, technologies, materials, industrial processes and performance.
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