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Laser Blade XS High Contrast pendant 1x / 4x / 9x

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Product Details

  • Pendant system with 1, 4 and 9 optic elements and including an adapter for installation on 48V low voltage track ideal for zenithal accent lighting.
  • The adapter made of a thermoplastic material includes the DC/DC driver circuit with a DALI dimmable function.
  • Integrated «power line» technology allows each light module on the track to be adjusted separately.
  • Fixed optics with metallised thermoplastic high definition Opti-Beam reflectors.
  • Despite the ultracompact size of the product, the patented technology of the optic system guarantees an efficient luminous flux and a high level of visual comfort.
  • Extruded aluminium body and die-cast zamak technical dissipation unit.
  • PVC power/pendant cable in the same colour as the external finish.
  • The cable connection on the pendant body is fitted with a manual adjustment system that facilitates alignment.
  • A rapid tool-free system for connecting the adapter electrically and mechanically to the track.
  • Product with mechanical lock.
  • Mechanical fastening with adapter on track.
  • Integrated DC/DC LED driver in adapter - direct connection on 48V track- track power unit to be ordered separately.
  • The pendant cable can be adjusted on the pendant body.

Colours available for Laser Blade XS High Contrast pendant 1x / 4x / 9x

  • 01 White
  • 43 Black/Black
  • 47 White / Black

Further colours on request

  • 41 White / gold
  • 44 Black/Gold
  • E7 white / burnished chrome
  • F1 Black/burnished chrome

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