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There are echoes of the past that preserve the immortal beauty of Italian Design. And there are present technologies that give substance to form. From this encounter comes another way of inhabiting our present: iGuzzini Echoes. Icons of iGuzzini heritage, with a new idea inside. That of re-future, an ethical and aesthetic renaissance.

Having treasures in one’s historical archives and being able to value them is not for everyone. iGuzzini’s path is dotted with icons designed by authors who have made the history of Design and who today are more relevant than ever.

ZURIGO is almost a tribute to the origins of iGuzzini, when thermoforming methacrylate becomes the flagship of the Recanati company, designed by a protagonist such as Luigi Massoni.

CLAN is a project born during the experimental climate of the manufacturing revolution in the 1960s. It represents the traditional and conventional form as well as the contemporary industrial materials.

(Harvey was the original name of iGuzzini)

POLSINO marks the collaboration with one of the greatest post-war Masters, Gio Ponti, identifying his idea of accessible ​​design, light, versatile, transportable and suitable for any environment.

Gio Ponti Archives - photo Paolo Gasparini

The same concepts are found in other products such as NITIA by Rodolfo Bonetto and SORELLA by Harvey, featured in the iconic seventies television series Space: 1999, as well as in 1979 film Moonraker
(Harvey was the original name of iGuzzini)

NITIA is a small table lamp with reflected light made of plastic and steel. The design is characterised by a static game and an unexpected formal composition of overlapping volumes.

SORELLA is a compact table lamp that has a slanted and seemingly unstable shape. The lamp comprises two symmetrical parts that join at the centre to form a complex and elegant flared lampshade.

(Harvey was the original name of iGuzzini)

Renewed through recycled materials and sustainable light sources, these cornerstones of a story start from afar and reveal themselves in full harmony with a contemporary design that recognizes the evergreen value of the aesthetic translation of a technicalfunction, such as Ponti himself claimed.

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